Where we stand out



Industrial Area


• Mechanical Engineering.


• Improved productivity .


• We cover the whole process, from understanding needs to completing detailed drawings and manufacturing, supervising each step along the way.

Energy Area


• Development of fuel element containers for nuclear reactors.


• Detailed engineering of nuclear generators and nuclear reactor heads.


• Manufacturing and design of clean air assembly of generators.


Civil Works and Structural Areas


• Design and calculation of new structures, adapting and testing existing structures to meet new needs.


• Design and calculation of superficial and deep foundations: shoes, piles.


• Other projects: Public lighting, rainwater harvesting networks, fecal collection networks, service pipelines, access improvements, urbanization projects, concrete floods.


E-mail:       servai @servai-ingenieria.es

Dirección:   Poligono Ribera de Axpe 11 - Edificio A - Dpto 212 - A - 48950 - Erandio - Vizcaya (Spain)

Telf:           + 34 94 668 10 39


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