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SERVAI provides you with a team of highly-skilled engineering professionals, with significant experience in the following areas:


  • Conceptual design.


  • Design and process optimization.


  • Engineering calculations.


  • Product development.


  • Machine and tool design.


  • Technical documentation development.


  • Assembling supervision


  • Commissioning supervision


Distance is not a problem. SERVAI works within Spain and abroad.


At SERVAI we convert preliminary ideas into practical solutions, starting with client specifications and integrating our professional experience.


What do we contribute??




  • Basic engineering: design and calculations.


  • Detailed engineering for ongoing projects.


  • Installation layouts.


  • Monitoring of management and manufacturing.


  • Prototype management, making improvements to the official design.




SERVAI offers your company advantages through outsourcing:


  • Increased capacity, productivity and competitiveness.


  • Increased adaptability to new workloads.


  • Decrease in investment costs in engineering equipment and software


  • Confidentiality control



We adapt to your needs.


If you need any services in addition to those mentioned on our website, do not hesitate to contact us.



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