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Our work speak for us



"Extensive experience in the steel industry, specifically flat and long products"


  • Longitudinal and transverse cutting line equipment.


  • Pickling and galvanizing line equipment.


  • Paint line equipment.


  • Rolling equipment: Skin Pass, Tandem.


  • Equipment inspection line.


  • Installation of pipe inspection line using penetrating liquids.


  • Handling of 10 tons of hot ingots for line feed.


  • Supervision of a complete installation of hot bar straightening. Project carried out entirely on the customer’s premises in India.




  • Different size multiplier turners for windmills.


  • Extraction of fuel elements from a reactor in storage pool containment RACKS.


"Other projects"


  • Development of container of fuel elements of a nuclear reactor.


  • Detailed engineering of nuclear generator, as well as nuclear reactor heads.


  • Manufacturing and design of clean room assembly of generators.


  • SIAS inspection of both lower and upper bands with SIEMENS technology.


  • Band speed measurement.

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